Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Sistem Pemberian Asuhan Keperawatan di Ruang Rawat Inap Terhadap Kinerja Perawat


Ibrahim Rahmat Antom Kurnia Mariyono Sedyowinarso(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Nursing service is part of hospital service that supports the process of healing and recovery of
the patient. Quality of nursing service reflects quality of service to patients. Model of Professional Nursing
Practice (MPNP) is a method to improve quality of nursing care. It is a system that includes structure, process,
and professional values that enable professional nurses to manage nursing care. Performance of professional
nurses is reflected in behavior of nurses in managing patients. Presently nursing service has not met expectation
of patients and their families. The practice of nursing service in most of hospitals in Indonesia has not reflected
the practice of professional service. Some previous studies revealed that performance of nurses had not met
the standard, it mostly belonged to average. Therefore Grhasia Hospital implements 3 categories of service:
service based on MPNP, toward MPNP and non MPNP which have not been evaluated.
Objective: The objective of the study was to identify the difference in performance of nurses in providing mental
health nursing service in the ward with MPNP, toward MPNP, and non MPNP.
Method: The study used cross sectional design and descriptive comparative approach, involving 31 nurses
and 60 medical records at the ward of Class 1, L2 and L2A of Grhasia Hospital Yogyakarta. Data were obtained
through questionnaire and documentation study.
Result: The result of the study showed compliance of nurses with nursing care standard of nurse performance
in the ward with MPNP in average was 92.61%, toward MPNP in average was 77.64%, and non MPNP was in
average 75.99%. Based on perception of nurses, performance in the ward with MPNP was in average 3.35, in
the ward toward MPNP was in average 2.85, and in the ward non MPNP was in average 2.81. The result of
statistical analysis showed there was difference in performance between ward with MPNP, toward MPNP and
non MPNP in compliance with standard of nursing care with score of p=0,001 (p<0.05).
Conclusion: Performance in the ward with MPNP was in good category, in the ward toward MPNP was also in
good category, whereas in the ward non MPNP was in average category, There was significant difference in
performance between the ward with MPNP, toward MPNP and non MPNP. The management of Grhasia Hospital
should adopt MPNP of nursing care system in all the wards.
Keywords: performance, model of professional nursing practice, nursing care system

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/bkm.3389

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