Submission Guidelines

Authors of JANUS must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The authorship should balance intellectual contributions to the conception, design, analysis, and writing of the article against other work in relation to the research. If there is no task that can reasonably be attributed to a particular individual, this individual should not be credited with the authorship.
  2. Authors must declare that the work reported is their own and that they are the copyright owner (or else have obtained the copyright owner's permission).
  3. Authors must declare that the submitted article and its essential content have not previously been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  4. The author should avoid disputes over attribution of academic credit. Therefore, it is helpful to decide early on who will be credited as corresponding author, contributors, and who will be acknowledged.
  5. Authors must take public responsibility for the content of their paper. It is unethical to submit an article to more than one journal concurrently.
  6. Any conflict of interest must be clearly stated.
  7. Authors must acknowledge the data sources of their research and should acknowledge financial support sources to the research if any.
  8. All errors discovered in the article after submission must be quickly communicated to the Editor.
  9. Authors should state that the papers they submit have been approved by the relevant research ethics committee or institutional review board. If human participants were involved, article must be accompanied by a statement that the participants had signed informed consent forms.
  10. Authors should submit a short description of all contributions to their article. Each author's contribution should be described in brief. Authors of research papers should state whether they had complete access to the study data that support the publication. Contributors who do not qualify as authors should also be listed and their contribution described. This information should appear as an acknowledgment.
  11. Authors should include information about their research fundings in their article.
  12. Authors have a right to appeal editorial decisions

Articles should be submitted in soft files using document format (.doc or .docx) to the Online Submission page