The pioneering student-run law review in Indonesia, Juris Gentium Law Review (JGLR), is now opening its doors to any discerning and interested law students, of any level of study, to publish their research findings on matters concerning both international public/private and comparative law in the form of articles, case commentaries, book reviews, or article reviews for its 2024 issue. This is your opportunity to be published by a renowned Indonesian legal journal run exclusively through its years by students and to contribute in furthering the cause of widening the horizons of legal education!

Submissions are open to any current undergraduate (S-1/Bachelor’s) or graduate students (S-2/Master’s and S-3/Doctorate) from any university. Each article, case commentary, book review, and article review may have up to 4 (four) contributors. Authors with accepted submissions may be given financial incentives, further update regarding this opportunity will be announced.

Manuscript format:

  • Font: Garamond

  • Title: 20 words max

  • Abstract: 150-250 words

  • Word count (including footnotes, excluding title, sub-title, abstract, bibliography, inside notes, and, if any, “about the author”)
    - Research articles: 5.000-10.000 words
    - Book reviews: 2.000-5.000 words
    - Case commentaries and article reviews: 2.000-4.000 words

  • Submissions must be written in proper academic English, which must adhere to the American style of spelling

  • Any citations shall be written in the form of footnotes, the style of which shall be modeled after the examples as laid down in the Chicago 17th edition citation guidelines


Authors should also pay attention to the following additional journal policies:

  • Submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process.

  • Each submission shall be subjected to a preliminary review by the journal’s editorial board, subsequent to which the editorial board reserves the right to request from the author(s) further revisions before proceeding with the article to advanced stages of peer-review.

  • Case commentaries should adhere to the following general outline:
    1) Summary of the facts of the case;
    2) (for comparative law case commentaries) how the legal situation in the jurisdiction being reviewed compares to the Indonesian legal context, or to the general trends in most jurisdictions; and
    3) Discussions of the value of the judgment being reviewed brings to the law. The foregoing of course does not mean that the authors need to attach to each section a title which strictly corresponds to the nature of those sections.

  • Each image being featured in an article should credit its source (if the picture(s) concerned is (are) made by the author, then the author must credit his or herself).

  • We encourage the usage of Zotero, Mendeley, or other citation software for the bibliography.


Submit your article to our Open Journal System here by 30 June 2024. You can submit your journal by first registering to our Open Journal System.

For further information, contact Muhammad Raihan Sjahputra ( or +6281392718718).