Disrupting Cardiovascular Continuum in Hypertension: Role of Bb

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Bambang Irawan Martohusodo


Hypertension is the commonest chronic medical condition in the developed and even developing country. As risk factor elevated blood pressure is associated with development of chronic heart failure, ischemic heart disease stroke and chronic renal failure, and so an increased risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Despite different approaches to hypertension research, until now it has not been possible to explain the pathogenesis of primary hypertension.  In the majority of patients with hypertension the underlying cause has remained unknown. Although the cause and pathogenesis of hypertension remain uncertain, reduction in elevated blood pressure is of proven value. Awareness and treatment levels have improved in recent years, but levels of blood pressure control continue to be unacceptably low throughout the world. As a result, hypertension is still the leading global risk factor for premature morbidity and death. Heart is one of target organ that can be involve in the field of uncontrolled hypertension such as left ventricle hypertrophy, ischemic heart disease and heart failure. Detection, prevention and treatment of patients in risk is the best way to do to prevent against target organ damage among patients with hypertension. Beta blocker is a very effective drug for patients with hypertension, diabetic and obesity.

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