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This paper discussed about the construction of space in The God of Small Things novel by Arundhati Roy
using post-colonial space theory by Sara Upstone to find out the representation of the West and the East inside and
and outside the domestic space including the post-colonial strategy used. It was because The God of Small Things seemed
to talk about the condition of the dualistic post-colonial Indian society. Then, India itself is one of the dualistic postcolonial societies which means that it still holds its own traditions and runs the culture left by the colonial. Both colonial
and Indian culture had their own rules with their borders that controlled people’s life but they were repressive to the society.
The result of this analysis proved that in the context of domestic space and its surroundings, The God of Small Things
showed the representation of the West and the East that caused transgression and chaos. The chaos led to post-space
outside the home. Once, the novel showed that the post-space could also be done inside the home. Thus, the novel was
deconstructing the construction, including the construction of post-colonial itself. It happened since the problem began in
dualistic conditions of post-colonial Indian.
Keywords: colonial, post-colonial, chaos, post-space.


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