Motor Control Center Breaker Modification Through On/Off Switch to Prevent Motor Failure

Ahmad Rosyiddin(1*), Imam Maulana Arief(2), Novarino Herdyan Minanta(3)

(1) Department of Electrical Maintenance, PT. PLN Indonesia Power Pro POMU, Jakarta, Indonesia
(2) Department of Operation Planning and Controlling, PT. PLN Indonesia Power Pro POMU, Jakarta, Indonesia
(3) Department of Electrical Maintenance, PT. PLN Indonesia Power Pro POMU, Jakarta, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Motor Control Center (MCC) GT module, is a power breaker device that connects the voltage source to the load. MCC breaker rack-in and rack-out activities can be classified as unsafe action and unsade condition.  Because there is a possibility of explosion. As it had happened several times in several places in the world. In 2021 there were 3 force derating and force outages which are caused by MCC motor breaker failures. That accident resulted 500,516.67 KWh loss or Rp 682,262,223,- ($ 44,766). Therefore, modifications need to be made to 0.4kV MCC breaker by adding a selector for the order off blocker to minimize socket damage due to frequent rack-in-rack-out breakers activity. After installing the modification to all breakers in Priok POMU, there was no failures occurred. The frequency of rack-in-rack-out activities were reduced significantly and that is a good result for operation safety. This modification can also prevent Priok POMU from a potential loss and potentially increase net profit up to Rp 221,549,398,- ($ 14,537).


MCC breaker; motor; failure; outages; derating.

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