Geometric Accuracy Study of Orthorectification Based on Sensor Model Refinement in Imagery Subset Using ORFEO Toolbox (OTB)

Andri Suprayogi(1*), Nurhadi Bashit(2)

(1) Cadastral Survey And Mapping Coordinator, Geodetic Engineering Dept. Engineering Faculty OF UNDIP, Indonesia
(2) Lecturer Of Geodetic Engineering Dept., Engineering Faculty OF UNDIP, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Large scale base map can be obtained by various methods, one of them is orthorectification process of remote sensing satellite imagery to eliminate the relief displacement caused by height variation of earth surface. To obtain a  map images with good quality,  it requires additional data such as sensor model in the form of rational polynomial coefficients (RPC), surface model data, and ground control points

Satellite imageries with high resolution  file size are relatively large.  In order to process them,  high specification of hardwares were required. To overcome this by cutting only a portion of the images, based on certain study areas were suffer from of georeference lost so it would not be able to orthorectified. On the other hand,  in several remote sensing software such as ESA SNAP and Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)  subset or pixel extraction from satellite imagery,  preserve the imagery geometric sensor models.

This research aimed at geometric accuracy of orthorectification carried out in a single scene of Pleiades Imagery within the Kepahiang Subdistrict, located at Kepahiang Regency, Bengkulu Province, by using DEMNAS and the imagery refined sensor mode, and ground control points taken using GPS Survey. Related with the raw imagery condition which consists of Panchromatic and multispectral bands, this study were separated to assembly, pan sharpening , and sensor model refinement stages prior to orthorectification carried out both in the original or full extent imagery and the result of subset extent imagery. After  these processses taken place, we measure the accuracy of each full and subset imagery.

These procedures were carried out using Orfeo toolbox 6.6.0 in the Linux Mint 19 Operating system. From the process log, running time in total  were 7814.518  second for the full extent and 4321.95 seconds for the subset processess. And as a big data process, the total of full extent imageries was 83.15 GB  while the subset size  was  only 30.73 GB.  The relative accuracy of the full extent and its subset imagery were 0.431 meters. Accuracy of the  sensor model refinement process are  1.217 meters and 1.550 meters with GCP added, while the accuracu of  the orthorectifications results were  0.416 meters and 0.751 meters by using ICP.  

Variation of execution time may caused by the data input size and complexity of the mathematical process carried out in each stages. Meanwhile,  the variation of accuracy may  caused by the check or control points placements above satellite Imagery which suffer from uncertainty when dealing with  the sub-pixel position or under 0.5 meters.

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