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Jurnal UGM yang menggunakan OJS 3 tersedia di website berikut: https://jurnal.ugm.ac.id/v3/

Alamat OAI tiap jurnal:
ex. http://jurnal.ugm.ac.id/agritech/oai
Apabila ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut terkait Jurnal Online UGM (pembuatan jurnal, panduan, pelatihan jurnal, pelaporan bug atau error) silahkan menghubungi Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi UGM dinomor (0274) 6491963 email bpp[at]ugm.ac.id. Media Sosial 
Update 3 Juni 2024

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Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business

Gadjah Mada International of Business


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Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business (GamaIJB), with registered number ISSN 1411-1128 (Print) and ISSN 2338-7238 (Online), is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year (January-April, May-August, and September-December) by Master in Management Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada. GamaIJB is intended to be the journal for publishing articles reporting the results of research on business.

The GamaIJB invites manuscripts in the various topics include, but not limited to, functional areas of Marketing Management, Finance Management, Strategic Management, Operation Management, Human Resource Management, E-business, Knowledge Management, Corporate Governance, Management Information Systems, International Business, Business Ethics and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship.

Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business (GamaIJB) is accredited by: 

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Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology (GamaJPP)

Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology (GamaJPP) is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication issued by the Faculty of Psychology of UGM. It disseminates research reports on intervention strategies, contributing to the evolution of psychology as a scientific discipline in diverse settings. GamaJPP is a biannual publication released in May and October, accepting articles in Bahasa Indonesia and English. It is a prerequisite that the manuscripts are original and are not published elsewhere.

GamaJPP is dedicated to publishing articles exploring the application of psychology, including the scientific foundations of the psychology profession. All articles should explicitly state the implications for practicing psychologists, preferably in the abstract and discussion sections. 

The journal welcomes a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Activities related to psychological practice or common professional activities of psychologists, such as assessment, therapy, supervision, consultation, research, advocacy, etc.

  • Comprehensive literature reviews on research concerning specific psychological disorders or life challenges, specifically written to highlight implications for prevention, assessment, or intervention.

  • Research and theories on legal, ethical, or public policy issues impacting the practice of psychology.

  • Progress in applications from various fields like health psychology, community psychology, diversity in a broad sense, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, family psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, I/O psychology, and other general and specialty areas.

  • Evidence-based practice, standards of professional practice, and service delivery in various contexts—industries, institutions, education, and other organizations.

The journal is committed to publishing top-tier qualitative and quantitative research.

Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology (GamaJPP) has been accredited by the National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) and Managed by the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency of the Republic Indonesia with Third Grade (Sinta 3) for the year 2022 to 2026 according to the decree No. 25/E/KPT/2022.

e-ISSN 2407-7801

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Gadjah Mada Journal of Psychology (GamaJoP)

Gadjah Mada Journal of Psychology (GamaJoP) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Psychology. This journal publishes non-intervention research reports for the development of psychology as a science in a variety of contexts. Please see the journal's Aims & Scope for information about its focus and peer-review policy. GamaJoP is published twice annually (May and October) where the submitted articles can be in Bahasa Indonesia or English.

Manuscripts must be original and never been published elsewhere. The final layout will utilize the LaTeX format. Therefore, authors with accepted submissions are required to submit references in BibTeX format, adhering to the guidelines provided at the given link. Authors can utilize the provided templates for their convenience

Gadjah Mada Journal of Psychology (GamaJoP) has been accredited by National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) Managed by Ministry of Research, and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency of Republic Indonesia with Second Grade (Sinta 2) for year 2020 to 2025 according to the decree No. 164/E/KPT/2021.

e-ISSN 2407-7798 

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Gadjah Mada Journal of Tourism Studies

Gadjah Mada Journal of Tourism Studies is a periodical Indonesian tourism journal published by the Tourism Study Program of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at Universitas Gadjah Mada. It is a peer-review scientific tourism journal published two-times a year in April and October by Tourism Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. It publishes research reports, conceptual works, empirical studies, theoretical applications and book reviews in the fields of tourism studies written by researchers, practitioners, policy-makers or tourism enthusiasts. Gadjah Mada Journal of Tourism Studies has previously named Tourisma: Jurnal Pariwisata (ISSN 2088-4672).

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Global South Review

Global South Review is an open-access social and political journal that aimed to provide academic and policy platform to exchange views, research findings, and dialogues within & between the Global North and the Global South.

Global South Review examines all the issues encountered by Global South in the context of current international justice, security, and order. The journal focuses, but not exclusively, on the role of Global South in global politics; the rise, demise, and possible revival of South-South internationalism and Bandung Spirit; and the dynamics of relations between Global South and Global North.

Authors may submit research articles and book reviews in related subjects.

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