1. Q: Can I submit my article here?

A: Yes, this Journal is open to all manuscripts that meet the GAMAIJB scoop and eligibility requirements. All submitted manuscripts will proceed according to our SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) regulations.


2. Q: How much is the fee for publishing on GAMAIJB?

A: No fees are required.


3. Q: How long does the review process take to publish?

A: Approximately a year.


4. Q: When can I get an LoA?

A: After final approval by BoE (Board of Editors) and your manuscript is accepted.


5. Q: How can I submit a manuscript on GAMAIJB?

A: Please check on the link below to find the details:






6. Q: Why is my manuscript status still "Waiting Assignment" after over a month?

A: It means your manuscript status is still on the waiting list for initial review by the author guideline or the Editorial Board. The initial screening will take approximately 1-3 months. But with current conditions, the initial screening will take 3-6 months.


7. Q: Can I publish with "fast track"?

A: No