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Background  : COVID-19 is a global pandemic with pregnant women is one of the affected populations. Physiological changes in pregnant women, coupled with the pathological conditions of COVID-19, impact maternal outcomes, including the amount of intrapartum hemorrhage, the requirement for mechanical ventilation, and mortality in patients undergoing cesarean section.

Objective : To analyze the impact of OCVID – 19 on the maternal outcomes of obstetric patients undergoing cesarean section at Dr. Sardjito General Hospital.

Methods : This research employ a retrospective descriptive study. Secondary data were obtained from medical records of COVID – 19 obstetric patient who underwent a cesarean section at Dr. Sardjito General Hospital from January to December 2021. The data were analyze using descriptive data analysis with  SPSS software version 26.

Results : The study resulting in a total sample size of 89 patients. The median age of the study subjects was 32 years, with a mean body mass index (BMI) of 28.3 kg/m^2. There was 7%  incidence of hemorrhage exceeding 1000 cc , mortality rate was 25,8 %, and 20,2% from the population sample need mechanical ventilation pregnant women undergoing cesarean sections with COVID-19 at Dr. Sardjito General Hospital.

Conclusion : There was no significant increase in the incidence of hemorrhage exceeding 1000 cc (7% vs. 18.4%), However there was a noticeable rise in mortality rates (25.8% vs. 0.34%, 1.3%) and an increased need for mechanical ventilation (20.2% vs. 0.071%, 0.01%) when compared to descriptive studies conducted on pregnant women undergoing cesarean sections without COVID-19.

Keywords : COVID-19 , clinical outcome, cesarean section


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Hadiwinoto, B., Apsari, R. K. F., & Sudadi, S. (2024). LUARAN KLINIS MATERNAL PADA PASIEN OBSTETRI DENGAN COVID – 19 YANG MENJALANI SEKSIO SESAREA DI RSUP DR. SARDJITO. Jurnal Komplikasi Anestesi, 11(2), 64-74.

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