Pelacakan eskpresi protein pada testis mencit (Mus musculus) setelah paparan esktrak etanol daun mimba (Azadirachta indica)

Agung Janika Sitasiwi(1*), Sri Isdadiyanto(2), Siti Muflichatun Mardiati(3)

(1) Departemen Biologi Kampus UNDIP Tembalang UNDIP Semarang
(2) Departemen Biologi Kampus UNDIP Tembalang UNDIP Semarang
(3) Departemen Biologi Kampus UNDIP Tembalang UNDIP Semarang
(*) Corresponding Author




            Azadirachta indica (Neem) has been shown to affect the fertility of mice by interfering with the synthesis of testosterone in mice. The aim of this study was to detect the testes protein expression of mice after exposure to the ethanolic Neem leaf extract. The laboratory animals of this study were 20 male Swiss Webster mice with three months in age and body weight ranging from 27.5 grams. The mice were divided into two treatment groups, namely K (control group, exposed with distilled water) and P (treatment group, exposed to etahnolic Neem leaf  extract with 14 mg/animal /day). The treated were given for 21 days and the testicular protein was carried out on the 22nd day. The variables observed were testes weight, concentration and expression of proteins isolated from the testes. The protein concentration is determined by a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 450nm. The protein expression was observed and determined based on the results of protein electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). The results showed that protein expression in the treatment group has a lower concentration compared to the control group. Those results  was confirmed by thinner bands in SDS-PAGE result. Those proteins thought to be a fertility determinant in mammals.


Keywords : anti-fertility; Neem; protein expression




Azadirachta indica (Mimba) telah terbukti mempengaruhi fertilitas mencit dengan cara mengganggu sintesis hormon testoteron pada mencit. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melacak ekspresi protein pada testis mencit setelah paparan ekstrak etanol daun Mimba. Hewan uji penelitian ini adalah 20 ekor mencit Swiss Webster jantan dengan umur tiga bulan dan bobot badan berkisar 27.5 gram. Hewan uji dibagi menjadi 2 kelompok perlakuan, yaitu K (kelompok kontrol, dipapar akuades) dan  P (kelompok perlakuan, dipapar dengan ekstrak etanol daun Mimba dengan dosis 14 mg/ekor/hari). Pemberian bahan uji dilakukan  secara oral selama 21 hari. Variabel yang diamati adalah bobot testes, konsentrasi serta eskpresi protein yang diisolasi dari testis. Isolasi protein testis dilakukan pada hari ke-22. Konsentrasi protein ditentukan dengan spectrofotometer pada panjang gelombang 450nm. Ekspresi protein diamati dan ditentukan berdasar hasil elektroforesa protein. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ekspresi protein pada kelompok perlakuan menunjukkan konsentrasi yang lebih rendah dengan pita yang lebih tipis jika dibandingkan dengan kelompok kontrol. Kesimpulan penelitian ini adalah paparan ekstrak etanol daun Nimba menyebabkan gangguan ekspresi protein yang diduga berperan dalam menentukan fertilitas mamalia.


Kata kunci : Mimba; anti-fertilitas; eskpresi protein;





anti-fertility; Neem; protein expression

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