Volume 22 No 2 (2018): November

  1. Hoax in Modern Politics: The Meaning of Hoax in Indonesian Politics and Democracy. Pratiwi Utami
  2. Women and Hoax News Processing on Whatsapp. Hani Noor Ilahi
  3. The Intertwining of Educational Dualism in post-New Order Indonesia. Suzanna Eddyono
  4. Voters (Dis)-Believing Digital Political Disinformatioin Gubernatorial Election of DKI Jakarta 2016-2017. Gilang Desti Parahita
  5. Persecution Act as Filter Bubble Effect:Digital Society and The Shift of Public Sphere. Arina Rohmatul Hidayah
  6. Political-Economy of Social Entrepreneurship in Indonesia: A Polanyian Approach. Tadzkia Nurshafira and Rizky Alif Alvian