The Intertwining of Educational Dualism in post-New Order Indonesia
Suzanna Eddyono


This study focuses on continuities and changes in the dualism of national education after the collapse of New Order Regime in 1998. It argues that the Indonesian dualism of education may serve as a significant context in shaping the existing tensions in citizenship education in post-New Order Indonesia. Drawing from thematic analysis of citizenship education documents, related policy and interviews with authors and teaching staff in higher education, this study echoes the latest observations that reveal a more intertwining than rigid separation of the continuing dualism of national education. Yet, unlike the previous studies that reveal the tensions in more Islamic based education in its response to a more secular and modern demand, this study further highlights the intertwining of dualism of education palpable in citizenship education policy in post-New Order Indonesia. It further calls for the attention of policy makers and educators to evaluate the existing citizenship education curricula and its implementation within the context of an intertwined of educational dualism in Indonesia. As such, this paper further aims to highlight the urgency of considering broader cultural and political contexts and actors involved in the process of reproducing official narratives of Indonesianess in the national curricula.