Persecution Act as Filter Bubble Effect:Digital Society and The Shift of Public Sphere
Arina Rohmatul Hidayah


This article will discuss persecution act that is associated with the filter bubble effect, the condition of digital society, the concept of public sphere and the actor rational action of Jurgen Habermas. Through the literature research method, the results obtained show that acts of persecution in social media can be caused by the personalization of the web. Social media allows the occurrence of large bubbles (filter bubble) that makes the user reject ideology or other truth. This becomes a revolution of mindset due to the freedom of information. Whereas, in the Habermas, public sphere concept, which emphasizes the existence of a critical and rational discussion, this phenomenon indicates a shift. The shift that occurs causes the lifeworld realm as the basis for the formation of public sphere with its communicative action, again dominated by the system realm that is dominated by capitalist forces through strategic action. So, Habermas's initial goal to strengthen civil society's position against the dominance of the system tends to change for now.