Studi Praktik Ganda Petugas Puskesmas di Kota Baubau Provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara Tahun 2019


(1) Stikes Al Islam Yogyakarta
(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Given the relatively low salaries of public servants, including health workers employed by the government, allowing private practices in government health workers is considered possible to increase revenue in the public sector. Although many public sector health workers undertake dual practice, little is known about the magnitude and nature of the phenomenon of dual practice health workers, especially doctors, nurses and midwives, let alone the intense dynamics of competition between the public and private health sectors Objective: This study aims to measuring factors related to the dual practice health worker in puskesmas. Method: The design of data collection uses a cross sectional survey method. The study population was all health center health workers in the City of Baubau. The study sample was doctors, nurses and midwives who were civil servants with a sample size of 156 respondent. Quantitative data analysis using STATA 12 software. Results: bivariate analysis of gender variables, length of work, parenthood status, workload, organizational commitment and supervision with the dual practice of puskesmas officers showed p value> 0.05 which means there is no statistical relationship. While the variable type of workforce and workload with the dual practice of puskesmas officers showed a p value <0.05 which means there is a statistical relationship. Conclusion:


Dual Practice; Managerial: Head of Puskesmas


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