Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Aplikasinya

Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Aplikasinya (Journal of Mathematics, Statistics and Applications - JMSA) is published twice a year in April and October.

JMSA accepts the articles in the field of mathematics, statistics and the applications, i.e.  algebra, graph and combinatorics, analysis and geometry, applied mathematics and statistics, which have not been published yet in the other media. The article may be in range : an original research, an expository, a survey or an empirical study, which is stated explicitly by the author(s) in the manuscript.

  • All of the manuscripts will be reviewed and if necessary, the authors will be asked to revise based upon the editor’s work. The Editors has their rights to make simple corrections relating to the words.
  • We suggest the author(s) to send his/her/their manuscript in the LaTeX or MS Word form (see the templates) in 8-15 pages. The files should be sent as an attachment of e-mails to these addresses: jmsaugm@gmail.com and copy carbon to  ind_wijayanti@yahoo.com and atokzulijanto@yahoo.com at least two months before the publishing schedules.
  • template-0.tex Template TEX Full Paper (in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • template-1.tex Template TEX Full Paper (in English)
  • template-2.docx Template Full Paper (in Bahasa Indonesia)-WORD
  • template-3.docx Template Full Paper (English)-WORD
  • In case that the manuscript is written by a team, the editors only make a communication with the correspondence author.
  • Articles should be written in good Bahasa Indonesia or English.
  • Tables, figures and diagrams should be put in center and numbered.
  • The decision relating to be published or rejected will be informed via e-mail by sending the correspondence author a notification letter.
  • Author(s) of published articles will be given reprint 10 (ten) copies and has (have) a mandatory to pay Rp. 20.000,00 per page (for Indonesian authors) or USD 10 per page (for non-Indonesian authors). Shipping is included in the payment. Authors may give their payment directly to Mrs. Susiana A.Md. or by bank transfer to Susiana, BNI Cabang UGM Yogyakarta, No. Rek. 0252651874


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