Pengaruh Pemberian Etanol Secara Kronik Terhadap Jumlah Sel Piramidal di Ca1 Hippocampus Tikus (Rattus Norvegicus) Remaja

Muh. Ihwan Narwanto(1*), Soedjono Aswin(2), Mustafa Mustafa(3)

(1) BagianAnatomi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Jember
(2) BagianAnatomi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas GadjahMada
(3) Bagian Farmakologi Fakultas Kedokteran UniversitasGadjahMada
(*) Corresponding Author


Chronic ethanol administrationmay causemorphological changes in the hippocampus. The aimof this study is to
investigate the changes of the number of pyramidal cell in CA1 hippocampus of adolescent rats after chronic
ethanol administration.
The subjects of this study were 25 adolescent (30 days of age) male rats (Rattus norvegicus) divided into 5
groups : control without treatment (K1), control with treatment (K2), treatment 1 (P1), treatment 2 (P2) and
treatment 3 (P3)group. Each group consist of 5 rats. K2 group were given physiological saline, P1, P2, and P3
group were given ethanol with doses 1 g/kg/day, 2 g/kg/day, and 3 g/kg/day respectively for 30 days by
intraperitoneal injection.After 12 days free from ethanol, the rats were killed and the brains were removed to
make paraffin block andCresyl violet stain. The number of pyramidal cells ofCA1 were counted per field of view
at 400xmagnification.
The results of this study showed that chronic ethanol administration at adolescent age causedmorphological
changes in hippocampus. The number of pyramidal cells ofCA1 in each group:K1=55,03±2,87;K2=54,38±2,21;
P1=49,98±2,16;P2=51,82±4,71;P3=46,28±3,29 (p<0,05). It is concluded that in rats, chronic ethanol administration
at adolescent age caused decreasing number of pyramidal cells of CA1 hippocampus.

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