Purwarupa Sistem Kendali Kestabilan Pesawat Tanpa Awak Sayap Tetap Menggunakan Robust PID


Dwitiya Bagus Widyantara(1*), Raden Sumiharto(2), Setyawan Bekti Wibowo(3),

(2) Departemen Ilmu Komputer dan Elektronika, FMIPA UGM, Yogyakarta
(3) Program Diploma Teknik Mesin, Sekolah Vokasi UGM
(*) Corresponding Author


 This study has implemented stability control system of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) using  robust PID. The aircraft stability refers to wind against in glidding condition with straight movement. Robust PID used to control aircraft motion system. Control parameters obtained from the IMU sensor roll, pitch and yaw. IMU data are computed using DCM algorithm that produces Eulerian angles. Type PID control is determined by Ziegler-Nichols methods theory of oscillations. Control system are varied three types, there are P, PI, and PID.

The results have the best type of PID control with D constant value = 0 for each motion systems. PID constant value used for the aileron Kp = 2,93, Ki = 2,808  and Kd = 0, elevators Kp = 2,02, Ki = 1,731 and Kd = 0 and rudder Kp = 1,35, Ki = 0,9 and Kd = 0. Robust method using ISE (Integral Squared Error) which replaces integral PID control error. The system was tested using two mode. Mode A (Manual-PID-RobustPID) and mode B (Manual-RobustPID-PID). The result of robust PID methods is able to make the system response to disturbances better than regular PID that increase the settling time of aileron 63.67% , elevator 41.42% and rudder 57.33%.


PID, UAV, Robust PID

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[1]   Widodo, H.S., K, R.E.A. & Susila, J., 2012. Perancangan dan Implementasi Kontroler PID untuk Pengaturan Heading dan Pengaturan Arah pada Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( UAV ). Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November. Surabaya.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/ijeis.15260

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