The Use of DNA Microsatellite Markers for Genetic Diversity Identification of Soybean (Glycine max (L) Meriil.) as a Supplementary Method in Reference Collections Management

Nina Agusti Widaningsih(1*), Edi Purwanto(2), N. Nandariyah(3), R. Reflinur(4)

(1) Center for Plant Variety Protection and Agricultural Permit, Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia
(2) Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta
(3) Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta
(4) Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Development, Bogor.
(*) Corresponding Author


Large number of new soybean varieties are mostly derived from crosses of elite genotypes resulted in
a narrowing of both the genetic diversity and the phylogenetic relationship between soybean varieties. Thus,
discrimination among soybean varieties is becoming more diffi cult, especially when morphological traits were
applied. In Plant Variety Protection (PVP) system, new varieties of soybeans including granted PVP right, local
and breeding varieties registered in PVP offi ce were frequently increased, implicate on increasingly the number
of soybean varieties collections. To assist the management of varieties collections, a standard fi ngerprinting data
is further needed. In comparison to the management of plant collection in the fi eld, molecular marker systems
which are rapid, reliable, informative and relatively simple are continually sought for practical applications in
germplasm conservation, management and enhancement. This study aimed to identify the genetic diversity and
phylogenetic relationship of soybean varieties that have earned PVP Right as well as local varieties and breeding
varieties registered in the PVP offi ce using microsatellite or simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers.
This study was conducted in Molecular Biology laboratory, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology
and Genetic Resources Research and Development (ICABIOGRAD) Bogor, from February to May 2013. The data
were analyzed using the genetic analysis package NTSYSpc 2.02i and PowerMarker V3.25. The result showed a
relatively narrow genetic diversity among 45 varieties of soybean analyzed in present study which were indicated
by the small number of genotypes and total number of alleles (NA), and the low value of gene diversity and PIC
values (<0.75). Cluster analysis showed that the grouping varieties are not related to morphological characters but
related to phylogeny relationship between varieties. Despite the group of varieties were not clustered in accordance
with morphological characteristics, SSR marker can be a powerful tool for discriminating varieties, so that it could
be useful for initial varieties identity in conjunction with genetic diversity analysis.


Soybean; microsatellites; genetic diversity; PVP

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