Genetic Heterogenity Profile of Penaeus monodon Broodstock F1 Revealed by Mitochondria DNA-RFLP and RAPD

Bambang Widyo Prastowo(1*), Rahayu Rahardianti(2), Evi Maftuti Nur(3), Arief Taslihan(4)

(*) Corresponding Author


The genetic heterogeneity of Penaeus monodon broodstock F1 was evaluated using Restriction Fragment Length
Polymorphism (RFLP-mtDNA) and Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis. The RFLP analysis was
conducted by amplifying 16SrDNA region and digested with restriction enzyme Nde II. According to the RFLP
analysis, heterogeneity value of P. monodon F1 broodstock population is 0,0422; male F1 population is 0,0613 and
female F1 population is 0,1252. The primer OPA2 was used in RAPD analysis. According to the RAPD analysis,
heterogeneity value of P. monodon F1 broodstock population is 0,0417; male F1 population is 0,0653 and female F1
population is 0,1104. The results of this research showed that either RFLP or RAPD can be used as a family specific
marker for Penaeus monodon.
Key words : Penaeus monodon, RFLP, RAPD, heterogeneity, genetic marker

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