Open Review Articles

Readers, writers and reviewers, since the January 2019 edition, we have implemented a system of "open review articles" for texts sent to BKM. Within a maximum of 5 days after submission, we will put your manuscript in an "open review article" if we consider your text to be within our scope and in accordance with the mission of our journal. Thus, we open an open invitation to readers to become reviewers. As writers, we are very happy if you want to be an observer of articles that are your area of expertise. As our manuscript reviewer, you are entitled to a 35% discount on your article processing fees. Please select the article that you want to review and click on this link, we will send an invitation for you to review.

Table of Contents


Gumson Josua Tampubolon, Riris Andono Ahmad, Andre Zulhasogi
10.22146/bkm.44070 Abstract views : 527
In Review

Environmental Health

Mika Vernicia Humairo, Sarto Sarto, Wiranto Wiranto
10.22146/bkm.44214 Abstract views : 426
In Review

Reproductive health

Siti Nunung Nurjannah, Euis Susanti, Sohel Rana
10.22146/bkm.43098 Abstract views : 466
In Review
Yanna Wari Harahap, Siswanto Agus Willopo, Mohammad Hakimi
10.22146/bkm.42691 Abstract views : 436
In Review

Maternal and Child Health

Husnawati Husnawati, Anggriyani W. Pinandari, Djaswadi Dasuki, Siswanto Agus Wilopo
10.22146/bkm.42814 Abstract views : 361
In Revision
Sholikah Sholikah, Rina Triasih, Yayi Suryo Prabandari
10.22146/bkm.42690 Abstract views : 522
In Review
Wahyuni Sujarwadi, Evawany Y. Aritonang, Sri Rahayu Sanusi
10.22146/bkm.43578 Abstract views : 384
In Review

Public Health Nutrition

Kustri Suharningsih
10.22146/bkm.42845 Abstract views : 567
In Review

Occupational Health

Lia Agustina, Agus Surono
10.22146/bkm.42957 Abstract views : 862
In Review
Bayu Yoni Setyo Nugroho, Christantie Effendy, Darwito Darwito, Mubasysyir Hasanbasri
10.22146/bkm.43705 Abstract views : 455
In Review

Health Promotion Strategies

Mauliate Duarta Gultom
10.22146/bkm.42830 Abstract views : 607
In Review
Yosephina Maria Hawa Keytimu
10.22146/bkm.44565 Abstract views : 193

Perilaku Kesehatan Penduduk Spesifik

Mei Sondang, Ella Nurlaella Hadi
10.22146/bkm.44183 Abstract views : 517
In Review

Primary Health Care

Brenda Ellyse Sangari, Yolanda Handayani, Abdurrahman Wahid, Ahmad Zaidan
10.22146/bkm.42569 Abstract views : 968
In Review