Kesiapan Pustakawan dalam menghadapi Era Digital (Studi pada Pustakawan di Perpustakaan UGM)

Wiyarsih Wiyarsih(1*), Maryatun Maryatun(2)

(1) UGM
(2) UGM
(*) Corresponding Author


One of the characteristics of digital generation is having high dependence on the utilization of information technology and communication devices. This becomes a trigger for libraries to restructure the role and function of their existing resources, such as human resources that have vital position for the success of libraries in providing the services. Libraries need librarians who have competency in the field of information technology to synergize with users. In reality, the librarians are still dominated by the librarians from the digital immigrant generation who are still learning to adapt with the new environments in information technology. Therefore, the readiness of librarians to meet the needs of digital generation becomes the main issue in this study. This was a descriptive study with qualitative approach. The study objects were thel ibrarians in Gadjah Mada University. The samples(infomants) of librarians were those who represented digital immigrant generation and digital generation. Data gathering methods in this study were literature, in-depth interviews, and observation. The data analysis applied was qualitative analysis and data validity examination using triangulation. Based on the result, it can be concluded that from several aspects of librarians' cornpetency in Technology (Competencies Technology: Core Skills, which includes Core E-mail, Core Hardware, Core Internet, Core Operating Systems, C ore Software, Core Web Tool and Technology Competencies (System & IT), librarians of digital generation have better competency than librarians of digital immigrant generation in the field of IT. Therefore, librarians of digital generation are better prepared to face users of digital generation. However, librarians of digital immigrant generation still have passion or motivation to leam in the field of technology to meet the demanding needs users of digital generation.

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