Studi Ergonomi tentang Keluhan-keluhan Fisik yang Dialami Karyawan di Unit Perpustakaan Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta

Heru Wibowo(1*)

(1) Perpustakaan Fakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis UGM
(*) Corresponding Author


In carrying out the activities at the library needed a comfort, safety and job security in order to create a condition that is in line with expectations and make history in enjoying what will be done. To create an environment and atmosphare is influenced by temperature, humidity, air circulation, lighting, mechanical vibration, color, ordor, and a number of tools used to support the activities of the library includes tables, ahairs, shelves, cabinets, atc. Furniture or equipment use in the library must also be designed so that a safe and compfortable when used. This study aims to determine the grievances suffered by employees (librarian. This study is a quantitative research approach to ergonomics so that the methods used include: (1) observation by direct observation, (2) interview were conducted using a questionnaire sheet Nordi Body Map and (3) documentation. The results obtained from this study: (1) in the upper body 70% complained of pain in the shoulders and neck, 50 % left shoulder , right shoulder 55 % , and 45 % on the left arm. (2) the body of the middle 60 % complained of back pain , 50 % in the upper right arm , 60 % pain in the waist , 20 % on the buttocks , 15 % on the buttocks , the left elbow 25 % , 20 % right elbow , 30 % below the left arm , forearm 25 % right, 35 % left wrist , right wrist 45 % , 30 % and 40 % left hand right hand. (3) in the lower body as much as 20 % complained of pain in the left thigh , right thigh 20 % , 30 % left knee , right knee 25 % , 35 % left calf , calf 35 % right, 20 % left ankle , 30 % on the right ankle , 20 % of the left leg and 25 % pain in the right foot . It can be concluded that most of the employees (librarians) complained of pain in the right side of the body member .


Complaints; Employee; Ergonomics

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