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REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a representation for online data exchange and have good speed and response. The ease for commnunication exchange if not safeguard can be result in unauthorized information is read by unauthorized persons.

Cryptography is an art and science used to keep or secure data. Modifying the cryptography algorithm in another form from the basic method, will get a variety of it method. Playfair Cipher Block Chaining (Playfair CBC) algorithm is used to secure request data by applying encrypted digraph to build lock again. The weakness of this algorithm lies in securing the key so that another algorithm is needed to do so. The Elliptic Curve algorithm is used to solve the security lock problem.

Testing had done by using 10 different data. Testing indicates that the key can be used to perform encryption and decryption. Perform brute force analysis on the algorithm used. Analysis is shows the algorithm used has a good level of security.

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